For 30 years, Pro-Active have specialised in producing weekly magazine programme content shown by dozens of major and minor broadcasters around the world.

Last year, this totalled over 300 hours of programming across six series.

And it’s pleasing to know that our output continues to be of value to a range of customers throughout the world with takers such as Superpsort, Dubai Sports and Sport TV, Portugal all re-signing to access our weekly download . And along side them, we’re the first calling point for new start up channels, such as All Sport TV and For the Fans in the USA as well as Sporty Stuff on Freeview in the UK .

Together, our new and long term clients help us offer what we believe is now  the biggest guaranteed exposure footprint available to sporting events available anywhere in the world !

It’s exposure worth many millions of dollars in airtime value and one of the benefits seen by our event production clients that is continuing to grow year-on-year.